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The Ultimate S’Moore

October 6, 2011

Ultimate S'Moores

Tri Tip Sandwich

January 16, 2011

The response to the Tri Tip sandwich has been fantastic. We are serving them with our Peppa-Relish and Mayo spread on the side. It really tastes fantastic together. The bread is just perfect with a really soft center and a slightly crispy, slightly chewy crust. We think you are gonna love this one.

Tender Tasty Tri Tip

How time flies…

January 10, 2011

The Cafe has been open for 3 months and we are delighted with the response. We have had so many terrific people come by and have breakfast or lunch with us. The holidays were good this year. We delivered a lot of cookies and marshmallow gift boxes across the country. We even got an order from a customer who saw the Food Network show about Tracy and the Truffle Cookies on a plane flying back to Florida! It is great being in San Luis Obispo. We just love it here! Come by the cafe sometime and have a treat.

Better than expected.

October 26, 2010

A Beautiful Quiche

Well it has been a couple of weeks now since we opened the doors of the cafe and the response has been fantastic. We have already met so many terrific new people and we are so pleased to have so many returning customers. The hours and hours of work it takes to sort through all the little details are rewarded with the smiles of our new friends as they enjoy Tracy’s creations. We have had several people comment on how pleased they are to have us there. That is so great to hear. On the business side of the business we were delighted that our sales figures doubled from our opening in just 9 working days and have stayed strong since. We delivered our first lunches to local businesses last Friday and had people come in for breakfast this morning from those companies. The daily specials have been a hit and have pretty much sold out every day. It is time to begin the push for holiday gift orders too. Oh well, not much sleep this week…

The Cafe Counter

October 8, 2010

One of the really great things about the cafe is the counter in the window. We wanted it to be a comfortable place for our guests to sit and enjoy a coffee and a treat and just relax with us for a bit. Our friend (and Master Wood Whisperer) Tim Platton provided us with a beautiful Jeffery Pine tree sawn lenthwise about 4 inches thick. We brought it back to the house and Adam Macbeth, Finish Carpenter Extrordinare, did a fantastic job putting together. We finished it with a couple coats of Tung oil to give it a warm comfortable feeling. Come down and have a look.


Tim and the counter top



Adam and the Masterpiece



Fiero Cafe Counter


The cafe is OPEN!

October 4, 2010

October 4 2010 and we are open for business. It is super exciting and we have had a terrific day. Our first customer, Mark came in this morning for a cup of our Green Star coffee and a breakfast treat. We all came running out to greet him and thank him for being our “Number One” customer. Most of the furniture is in but we do have more to build and install. All in good time. The counter is beautiful. Take a look at the post about how it all came to be. It is really a great time for all of us.


Tracy and Mark our "Number One Customer"




The Cafe is happening!

September 25, 2010

It seems almost hard to believe but we are SO close to opening up our little cafe in San Luis Obispo. It has taken what seems like forever but it is actually happening. Tracy and the gals are busy putting together the menus and testing the recipes to make sure that everything is perfect. Today they tested out some individual Turkey meat loafs. Take a look at the photo. I had to snap this picture quick. The little “Loafette” was gone in a matter of a couple minutes. Tracy is working on her own homemade ketchup to top them off. Perhaps a little bit of chili flakes to perk up the taste buds? We are SO excited to have all of you come and see us soon and enjoy our food. Keep checking the blog for the opening date, directions and all the info you need to find us.

Gone in 60 seconds...


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